Weird experiences in Saigon

Somewhere in Saigon, you can also enjoy a wonderful and weird moment by doing many amazing things

You might wonder that Saigon has become such a familiar name to most of tourists when traveling to Vietnam. So what’s more? And is there anything else except for Ben Thanh Market, the Notre Dame Cathedral, Saigon Post Office or the Opera Theater House? The answer is yes. Somewhere in Saigon, you can also enjoy a wonderful and weird moment by doing many amazing things beside already visiting those places, see some of our recommendation for weird things to do in Ho Chi Minh City.

1. Find the tranquility at the heart of Saigon in the Jade Emperor Pagoda

Ho Chi Minh City is home to numerous intricate sanctuaries, yet what makes the Jade Emperor Pagoda worth your chance is the gladdening association of local people and love. Originally named the Tortoise Pagoda in light of the wealth of private tortoises in the sanctuary’s lakes, the Jade Emperor Pagoda is a brilliant portrayal of the Mahayana branch of Buddhism that is polished generally in Vietnam.

jade emperor pagoda

Incidentally get away from the clamor of the city and look for the asylum in the modest sanctuary. Among the straightforward glory of divider carvings and statues, witness the genuineness of local people who come and visit to supplicate with liberal offerings of blooms, and to light candles and joss sticks. If you like its atmosphere, don’t miss this place!

2. Shake your nerves with the Amazing Show!

The Amazing Viet Show is a switching time for you to follow a day of touring. Needless to say, Saigon has numerous engaging shows, yet this is the wackiest. It highlights “uncommon individuals” with “bizarre gifts.” You might scream or say out loud “It’s freaking extraordinary!”. Not anyone can do such those things and the artists have to sacrifice a lot to give to the audience an excellent performance as much as they can. The feature acts are flexibility specialists, sword swallowers, and so forth, yet between those demonstrations are melody and move exhibitions including Vietnamese music and ensembles.

3. Enjoy the “delicious egg” in Saigon


To most of the tourist, cuisine is among the reasons to travel abroad to discover the incredible and tasty local food all around the world. What’s more, for a chosen few gutsy foodies, the more odd the dish, the better! Ho Chi Minh City positively conveys with regards to surprising eats, and fertilized duck egg (hot vit lon) is one of the most bizarre. The egg is served and eaten similarly that a bubbled chicken egg is eaten, with the exception of it having an incompletely created duck embryo inside. In case you’re overcome enough to give it a go, you won’t need to look far to find this prevalent nibble in Saigon.

4. Cafe Apartment Saigon

cafe apartment saigon

You will find nowhere else in Vietnam, an old apartment block packed with cool coffee shops, facing the pedestrian Nguyen Hue street right in center Saigon downtown. When you take a walking on Nguyen Hue street, you will easily find the apartment that it’s now the coolest address on the entire street: the old apartment block at #42 Nguyen Hue street. Built sometime in the middle of the 20th century, the apartment has a history of housing government and military personnel: from US advisors to naval officers in the post-war period, after reunification in 1975. Today, however, this characterful, crumbling, nine-storey apartment block is a veritable chocolate box of hip, independent cafes, fashion boutiques and co-working spaces, which seem to grow in number each week. Wander from floor to floor – up the twisting stone staircase and along the tiled corridors – ducking into any coffee shop that takes your fancy. All the cafes have little balconies overlooking the Walking Street, downtown, and the Saigon River.

cafe apartment saigon

5. Visit Binh Quoi tourist village

Binh Quoi Tourist Village is a rustic desert garden in the core of Saigon. Considered as a “tourist village” as it appears, however, few tourists have heard about its name. It would appear that a Traditional Village on the Mekong Delta. It’s an arranged propagation, yet it’s lovely, serene, and entrance is free. Binh Quoi Village has a craving for entering an alternate world and diverse period. You can unwind in bamboo cabins that line the numerous conduits. You can paddle a watercraft on the lake. You can scramble crosswise over monkey spans. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

There are even eateries and an inn on the off chance that you want. The best time for a tranquil visit is on weekday mornings. There’s a vast, customary smorgasbord on end of the week nights, yet it’s more swarmed (and you can’t see the view oblivious).