Tan Dinh Market

Best place to buy fabric with various choice and have the tailor design Ao Dai
Everyday 5.00-23.00

Passing through “The Pink Church” or Tan Dinh Church on Hai Ba Trung Street for a minutes, you would find a place where we call a silk paradise – Tan Dinh Market in Saigon.

tan dinh market

Talking about Vietnam, we would think of “Ao Dai” which is the traditional clothes of Vietnamese women. If you want to buy a full set of Ao Dai, it would be much convenient to buy in stores with an affordable size. However, in case you want to buy only fabric with various choice and have the tailor design, Tan Dinh market would be the best place to look at.

tan dinh market

The fabric section starts to emerge as you walk into the main area of the building. Although it’s a little bit overwhelming, an eye for a good catch, persistence, and some bargaining skills will reward you handsomely. Everything is available from knits, cotton to laces for you to sew your own creations. And if you’re determined to find something interesting here, browse around as a lot of stalls offer unique fabric such as floral chambray, ombre gingham, and whimsical voiles. Also, you’ll see the widest collection of prints you never thought possible: florals, tropical fruits, ancient villages, etc.

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