Phung Son Pagoda

Phung Son Pagoda as a historical and cultural relic
Mon-Sun: 7.00-18.00

In contrast of the construction of new and modern buildings in Ho Chi Minh City, there have survived centuries-old pagodas with histories dating back more than 200 years, still across the city. Phung Son Pagoda in District 1 established in the early 19th by Zen Master Lieu Thong is one of them.

phung son pagoda

The pagoda has undergone two major restorations. Many statues found in the pagoda were created by a group of craftsmen from Sa Dec. Many years ago, it was decided that it should be moved to a different location. All of the ritual objects were loaded on to the back of a white elephant for transportation. On the way to the new site, the elephant slipped and all of the precious objects fell into a nearby pond. This event was interpreted as a sign that the pagoda should remain at its original location. All of the ritual objects were retrieved, except the bell, which locals say was heard ringing whenever there was a new or full moon up until a century ago.

phung son pagoda

There are about 40 Buddhist statues worshiped at the pagoda such as Di Da Tam Ton, Ngu Hien Thuong Ky Thu, a stone statue of Buddha covered with gold leaves, and a ceramic statue of Tieu Dien. The surrounding area is an archaeological site from which many artifacts were excavated, for example a baked earthen head statues and ceramic items belonging to the Oc-Eo culture. The Ministry of Culture has recognized Phung Son Pagoda as a historical and cultural relic. As a result, people usually come here to pray three times a day from 4 to 5 am, 4 to 5 pm, and 6 to 7 pm.

phung son pagoda


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