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Dai Nam Tourism Complex


Hiệp An ward, Thủ Dầu Một city, Bình Dương, Viet Nam

Dai Nam, a Tourism Complex in Binh Duong, is also known as Lac Canh Dai Nam Van Hien. It has a reputation for its magnificent scale and possessing many records of Vietnam. The area of ​​Dai Nam tourism in Binh Duong province is about 28 kilometers away from the Ho Chi Minh city center, spreads hundreds of hectares with mountains, rivers and lakes, high seas and many unique architectural items.


Dai Nam Temple Complex is built on a 9 hectares area, having cultural and historical significance and spirituality. It contains a large square, magnificent metal, majestic Bao Son mountains, poetic Bao Giang river, a massive Bao Thap and a blue Bich Ngoc lake. The complex is a worth honoring, saving the quintessence of 4000,000 years of culture and Vietnamese historical achievement.

Dai Nam Tourism Complex

The Artificial Sea in Dai Nam Tourism Complex is divided into 2 areas, a freshwater sea and a saltwater sea. Surrounding the sea is a mountain and a magnificent castle next to, in the middle of the sea are small oases and many typical ornamental plants along the shore. Particularly, the sea surface area is 20,000m2, 2m deep, accommodating about 30,000 guests. Interestingly enough, Dai Nam Sea has a system of creating dual waves which is almost like real ocean waves, with 9 different wave types from the strong regime, gradually, 1-sided waves, 2-sided waves and so on creating a vibrant feeling and the sea also equip a 24 / 24h water filtration system.

Dai Nam Tourism Complex

Dai Nam Amusement Park has more than 40 attractive games from strong feelings such as the biggest Vietnamese roller coaster, cyclone train, waterfall, sky exploration, cosmic rotation, F1 Formula Racing, discovering secrets of pyramids, witch castles, great mazes, 18 floors of hell, five unicorns, five jewels, watching real snow, playing and skiing in environment -15 degrees C and so on to the popular ones like folk games, and special amusement parks for children.


Zoos in Dai Nam tourist area are wide and diverse feeding the rare and precious animals such as white lions, white tigers, white peafowl, white lilies, rhinos, zebra, kangaroo, turtles, giraffes, hippos, Indochinese tigers, South American squirrel monkeys, birds, reptiles and ornamental fish. At Dai Nam zoo, you can hand feed some animals, participate in extracurricular activities on research, conservation and breeding. In addition, this is also the first night zoo in Vietnam, visitors can observe the lifestyle of living, hunting at night of wild animals thanks to the moonlight system.

DAI NAM Tourism Complex

Picnic in Dai Nam has different types such as camping among rubber trees in shady trees, group activities, collective games. Entertaining fishing in the lake, with hundreds of fishes namely red tilapia, carp, tilapia, catfish, catfish with quite big size. Afterward, visitors can enjoy the fruits in the leaf huts, stretching the tent, hammock and relax.

Dai Nam Tourist Area in Binh Duong

Interestingly enough, Dai Nam Race Court with a total area of ​​60 hectares, is the first complex speed sports project in Vietnam with a combination of 5 types of racing: horse, dog, motorcycle, go-kart, jet- ski and fly-board performances. Surrounding the racetrack area is a assembly stand with capacity of more than 18,000 seats and 2 modern LED screens, high power lights ensure to serve the audience to enjoy the racing events on the weekend.


What is more, Dai Nam Hotel is an ideal resting place, with a harmonious combination between the features of architecture of Co Loa and Hue royal court. The hotel system is full of amenities and modern equipment, cozy atmosphere, various accompanying services, professional and enthusiastic staff.


Dai Nam Van Hien Tourism Complex is of regional size, imbued with national cultural identity and many types of entertainment, becoming a prominent destination of Binh Duong tourism.

Dai Nam Tourist Spot in Binh Duong






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