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Binh Quoi Village


1147 Binh Thanh, Ward 28, Binh Quoi District, Ho Chi Minh City

Binh Quoi Tourist Village is the common name of the Binh Quoi 1 tourist area, Binh Quoi 2 tourist area, Binh Quoi 3 tourist area sited close to each other on Thanh Da peninsula, in Binh Thanh district, about 8 kilometers away from Saigon, adjacent to the Saigon River to the Northeast.

binh quoi tourist village ho chi minh

Binh Quoi village has a landscape like a peaceful village with large green space, fragrant wind and a scent of grass and flowers, lanterns along the entrance, a lake with sparkling flowers and coconut trees leaning on the line of the Saigon poetic river. The village is also known as a familiar dinghy, a bumpy Monkey Bridge, ancient jars of water, mounds of straw, lovely fishing net and so on, which are harmoniously arranged with bold, homely countryside and become the ideal destination of Saigon tourism.

binh quoi tourist village ho chi minh

The Binh Quoi 1 is the most popular spot in the Binh Quoi Village with 300-seats restaurant, “Khan Hoang Nam Bo” Buffet with hundreds of delicious folk dishes, Don Ca Tai Tu, etc. Hoi Ngo’s Assembly Hall here serves a number of artistic activities such as painting, sculpting or introducing music programs for famous artists. Family motel is surrounded by green and grassy campus. Tourists are attracted by its garden area with beautiful landscapes, grass carpet of 7,000 square meters which are suitable for filming, taking photos, picnicking, organizing games, group activities, sailing, fishing and so on. In addition, Binh Quoi 1 is also the place organized many cultural activities such as My Rice Grain Festival, Discovering Vietnamese Folk Culture and Cuisine program, Christmas Gala Dinner, Southern Land Festival.

A space of Binh Quoi 1 Tourist Village

The Binh Quoi 2 has an area of ​​25,380 square meters with different types of services namely Buffet area provided more than 70 selected sea food dishes, riverfront restaurant with traditional delicacies, large conference rooms with full of modern equipment, 40-rooms bungalows with full amenities hidden in a quiet space with rows of coconut water around. Binh Quoi 2 also served tourists karaoke rooms, international standard tennis courts, large and beautiful swimming pool, children’s playground, canoe services and so on.

The greenery in Binh Quoi 2 Tourist Village

binh quoi tourist village ho chi minh

Binh Quoi Tourist Area 3 is known as Quan Xua Binh Quoi 3, designed with ancient space, a cool garden spreading along the river bank, which creates a gentle feeling during dinners for tourists when reuniting with family and relatives. It is also suitable for organizing festivals, birthdays, weddings, events and conferences. In particular, Binh Quoi 3 restaurant serves green dishes, processed from the clean and fresh vegetables grown on inside campus followed the scientific process and quality guarantee.

binh quoi tourist village ho chi minh

Entrance ticket to the Binh Quoi Tourist Village is free of charge. Binh Quoi Tourist village is ideal for family or a group of friends to escape the city bustling at the weekends.

binh quoi tourist village ho chi minh

Binh Quoi 1: buffet (2015) are 270,000VND for an adult and 150,000VND for a kid.

Friday & Saturday weekly opened at 17h – 20h.

Sunday & Holidays opened at 11h – 14h, and 17h – 20h.


Binh Quoi 2: buffet (2015) are 270,000VND for an adult and 140,000VND for a kid.

Only open on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from 17h – 20h.

















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